3 Must Have Items For New Moms

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3 Must Have Items For New Moms

Though it may sound cliche, there is truly no handbook when it comes to being a parent. There are a bunch of things you never think of until you need them. Sometimes, we do things the hard way not knowing there is a better solution. After all being a super parent can be hard. Our goal with this list is to show you 3 mist have items for new moms.

3 must have items for new moms

Breast Pumps

Number one on our list is the breast pump. Breast pumps help you to extract breast milk to use when mom wont be around to feed the baby. We recommend checking breast pump reviews to determine which type of breast pump is best for you. A good breast pump will allow you to pump enough milk to have in the reserves which can be helpful for a number of reasons, one of which being when you are sleepy this enables your partner to share in the task of feeding. Here are some other things to know before buying a breast pump and you can find some breast pumping tips here.

best bottle sterlizer reviews

Bottle Sterilizers

Sterilizing your babies bottle is a necessity as bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly sanitized. The old practices required boiling water and soaking miscellaneous parts. This whole ordeal can be alleviated with a bottle sterilizer. The best bottle sterilizers utilize UV technology to thoroughly rid your babies bottles of any bacteria. This makes cleaning your bottles both easier and more efficient.

bottle warmer comparison

Bottle Warmers

Bottle warmers are a great idea for new moms. In the old days warming required boiling water and less than precise temperature practices. Today you can warm your babies bottles up to the perfect temperature with a bottle warmer. There are several types of bottle warmers on the market so please take a moment to check out our baby bottle warmer reviews.


The 3 items above are just a few of the many items that help you on your journey with a new born. Breast pumps, sterilizers, and bottle warmers will all shave alot of time off your daily routines, and time saved is more time you can spend with your new bundle of joy. If you found this list of the must have items for new moms helpful please take a moment to share this post with your friends.

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