The 12 Best Breast Pump Reviews and Buyers Guide 2017

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The 12 Best Breast Pump Reviews 2017: Buyers Guide

We have done many breast pump reviews to find out which pumps are the absolute best breast pumps. While the experience was a long process, our team of mommy experts have narrowed it down to the 12 best breast pumps of this year! This breast pump buyers guide will teach you everything you need to know to pick the right one for you.

Compare The 12 Best Breast Pumps

 NameTypeRequires BatteriesSingle / DualPriceEditors Rating 
Medela Harmony Manual Breast PumpMedela Harmony Manual Breast PumpManualNoSingle$4 OUT OF 5
Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast PumpPhilips Avent Manual Comfort Breast PumpManualNoSingle$4.5 OUT OF 5
Lansinoh Manual Breast PumpLansinoh Manual Breast PumpManualNoSingle$4.5 OUT OF 5
NUK Expressive Single Electric Breast PumpNUK Expressive Single Electric Breast PumpBattery / ElectricNo(But can use 3 AAA batteries)Single$3 OUT OF 5
Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump BackpackMedela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump BackpackElectricNoDouble$$4.5 OUT OF 5
Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast PumpPhilips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast PumpElectricNoSingle$$4.5 OUT OF 5
Medela Symphony Breast PumpMedela Symphony Breast PumpHospital Grade NoDouble$$$$5 OUT OF 5
Spectra Baby USA S1 Double/Single Breast PumpSpectra Baby USA S1 Double/Single Breast PumpHospital GradeRechargeable BatteryDouble$$4 OUT OF 5
Medela Freestyle Breast PumpMedela Freestyle Breast PumpElectricNoDouble$$4.5 OUT OF 5
Ameda Platinum Breast PumpAmeda Platinum Breast PumpHospital GradeNoDouble$$$$5 OUT OF 5
BelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast PumpBelleMa Effective Pro Double Electric Breast PumpElectricNoDouble$4.5 OUT OF 5
Nurture III Basic Double Electric Breast PumpNurture III Basic Double Electric Breast PumpElectricNoDouble$4 OUT OF 5

What are breast pumps?best breast pump

A breast pump is a mechanical device used to extract milk from the breast of lactating women. Breast pumps can be manual and powered by hand or electric. To make things simpler consider purchasing a breast pump bra so that you can multi-task while pumping.

Who needs a breast pump?

You may want to consider a breast pump if…

  • You are having trouble nursing your baby. A good pump is an outstanding way to maintain a milk supply.
  • You will be returning to work soon and need to have milk available while you’re away.
  • You are planning to be apart from your baby for more than a few hours at a time.
  • You prefer to feed your baby from a bottle.
  • You want to have milk ready to go when the baby awakens in the middle of the night.

Types of breast pumps

Manual Breast Pumps

best manual breast pumpA manual breast pump is designed for occasional time away from your baby. Manual breast pumps are powered by squeezing or pulling a handle continuously. This allows the user to gain direct control over the amount of pressure as well as the frequency of milk expression. Typically, manual pumps tend to be both small and inexpensive making them an attractive option to mommies on a budget, however, because of this they usually require a significant increase in effort to be effective, and can become tiring to use. Manual breast pumps also usually only allow for one breast to be pumped at a time making the process a little bit slower as well. This style of breast pump is recommended for infrequent use, such as when a woman will be away from her child for a single feeding. Manual breast pumps also may not provide the necessary stimulation to empty your breast. It has been recently recommended that women avoid the “bicycle horn” style manual pumps. These type of manual pumps have been known to damage breast tissue, and create a breeding ground for bacteria in the rubber suction bulb which can be insanely difficult to clean. The best manual breast pumps have handles to pump.

Another option for manual breast pumps are foot-powered breast pumps! They use the same type of tubing and breast horns as electric breast pumps, but are considered manual because they are powered by a foot pedal. This is helpful and eliminates the work of pumping by hand, especially if you are prone to hand cramping or the need for finding an electrical outlet with privacy.


Battery Operated Breast Pumps

best battery operated breast pumpA battery operated breast pump can be a good option if you only need to pump once a day or less and you don’t want to bother with a manual pump. Since they are battery operated, there is no continuous pumping needed to make it extract milk. Because their only source of power comes from batteries they are usually not strong enough to stimulate milk production, and sometimes have trouble maintaining a milk supply.  This means you will still usually need to be able to breastfeed your child normally. Battery operated breast pumps are usually small making them awesome for portability and pretty easy to use. Most mom’s love the added freedom of portability, however, they do require the purchase of batteries which can become costly as you need to replace them over time. It’s a good practice to always make sure to have some extra batteries available just in case you need them.


Electric Breast Pumps

best electric breast pumpAn electric breast pump much like battery operated pumps eliminate the need for manual labour. If you need to pump very often and need to keep a large supply of milk readily available, an electric pump will always give you the best results. Electric pumps are much stronger and more powerful. This is helpful for establishing and maintaining an increased milk supply. Because they have no power limitations, they are much more efficient and can save you a lot of time overall. These pumps tend to be a little more expensive, larger in size and require a constant power source. While these are not the most portable models, they can be transported and there are no expensive battery replacements to deal with. Check out the best electric breast pump reviews here.

Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

best hospital grade breast pumpHospital grade breast pumps effectively stimulate your breasts, this helps to raise your hormones prolactin and oxytocin which facilitates breast milk production. Another difference between hospital grade pumps and personal electric breast pumps are that personal breast pumps are intended for use by only one mother while hospital grade pumps are designed and approved by the FDA to be safe for multiple users. Hospital grade breast pumps can be used by more than one mother because they are designed with barriers that prevent any cross contamination. Another notable difference with hospital grade pumps are they come equipped with more powerful motors that have a stronger level of suction, resulting in more efficient pumping sessions. They are also a lot more durable and usually come with long warranties. If you have trouble pumping with traditional pumps, the extra power you get with these pumps can usually get the milk flowing although they do cost a bit more than traditional electric breast pumps. To find out if you need a hospital grade breast pump click here!



5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing  A Breast Pump

  • How much milk do you need – Is this an everyday thing?
  • Single Vs Double Pump – Breast pumps come with single or double pumps. Single pumps are ok for occasional usage, but if you are trying to maximize milk production then choosing a model that can do both breasts at simultaneously then a double pump is the best way to go.
  • Never buy used – Buying a used breast pump is extremely unsanitary. Breast pumps should generally only be used by one person only.
  • Weight – How much does your breast pump weigh? If you are planning on toting your breast pump frequently, the best option is to find one that is light weight. Some pumps can be extremely heavy especially if you have to carry them all day.
  • Portability – In addition to weight, you also want to consider if the breast pump includes a battery pack or offers a rechargeable battery that will allow you to travel and even operate your pump wherever you please.

How to choose a breast pump

Choosing the best breast pump can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this becomes significantly easier once you figure out what your specific needs are. Below are the best breast pump recommendations for each type.

The Best Manual Breast Pump

 Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

best manual breast pumpbest breast pump




If you only need an occasional pump, and it’s not a common occurrence you can get away with a manual breast pump. In this case, we recommend Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump.

This manual breast pump was designed to promote comfort and is uniquely designed to promote milk flow. What makes this model the best manual breast pump is that unlike most breast pumps that only operate right when you are leaning forward, the Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump. The pump’s angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. Being able to relax helps your body produce milk easier. This manual pump is great for mom’s who want to pump at home or on the go making it portable and convenient. This pump also features a soft massage cushion that has 5 textured petals that help gently stimulate milk flow. This is done by mimicking your infants natural suckling patterns.

It’s ergonomic handle and lightweight, compact design makes operating this pump with one hand a breeze. The collection container that connects to the pump doubles as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple. The nipple helps to make the transition between breast and bottle easier for your baby by encouraging comfortable latch on. The breast pump also features a simplistic design with few parts that are all dishwasher safe. It can also be sterilized using the Philips AVENT steam Sterilizer or by simply boiling it in water for 5 minutes. This is the best manual breast pump and is a good option for you if you are looking for the cheapest breast pump.

Best Battery Operated Breast Pump

NUK Expressive Single Electric Breast Pump

Best battery operated breast pump

best breast pump

If you only need to pump on rare occasions, and you don’t want to manually pump,  a battery operated breast pump is the way to go. These are often very economically priced and can save your poor little hand muscles from a pump overload. For this we recommend the NUK Expressive Single Electric Breast Pump. This is our favorite battery operated breast pump. It’s plastic design features an easy twist dial to adjust suction to you own comfort level. This ensures that you are not experiencing any discomfort as you pump. This pump was designed with lightweight plastic and weighs under one poind. It also features a easy to understand design consisting of only 5 parts to clean. The NUK Expressive has a fast and efficient natural pulse rhythm that helps mom’s maximize milk flow, while the universal breast shield helps stimulation of let-down. The NUK pump also features both AC and battery powered for convenient use in the comfort of your home or on the go. NUK’s line of products is designed to make it easier for you to make the best choices for your baby. Because of the low price point battery operated pumps are the best breast pumps for the money.

Best Electric Breast Pump

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack

best breast pump


For the mom who is always on the go, a constant milk supply is a vital part to a fully functional day. For this reason, an electric breast pump is the way to go. We feel the best electric breast pump is the Medela Pump in style advanced. It is a daily use breast pump designed for mom’s who need to pump several times a day. Because Medela has been a trusted name in the breast pump industry for years, they made sure to take consideration both comfort and convenience. This electric pump has very strong suction and to promote continuous milk flow. The Medela includes tote bag with an integrated motor unit, there is also a lot of space inside for storing your personal items. This pump uses AC adaptor and also has a battery pack for pumping on the go. The included insulated cooler bag and ice pack make sure to keep your precious milk at the right temperature so that you can feed your infant whenever you have time. The Medela in style also includes  5-ounce breast milk bottles, 24 mm breast shields, PersonalFit connectors, valves, tubing and instructions. You can read the full Medela In Style Advanced Breast Pump Review here! This is one of the best electric breast pumps for twins as well. The Medela is the best breast pump daily use.

Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

breast pump buyers guide

If traditional breast pumps have not worked for you in the past, it may be a good idea to invest in a hospital grade pump. They offer superior suction guaranteed to help get your milk for on track.  For this reason, the Medela Symphony Breast Pump is the best hospital grade breast pump. The Medela Symphony hospital-grade double electric breast pump is the first breast pump with 2-Phase Expression technology. This has been proven to achieve better and faster milk flow. This innovated breast pump was designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm which helps your body to relax and produce as needed.  This pump also features a one-touch let-down button that allows mom’s to easily return to stimulation phase. This pump works well for single or double pumping. This pump runs strictly by electricity via power cord and is meant for function and not portability. This is the best hospital grade breast pump.


Purchasing the best breast pump is easy to do as long as you know what you are looking for. Consider the how often you plan on using your breast pump, and how much milk you hope to produce and make your decision accordingly. The best electric breast pumps are usually a great pick as a general rule.  Also, Make sure to pick a pump that is made from high-quality parts and built to last. You can find our full individual Breast Pump Reviews here. If you have found these breast pump reviews helpful please share this page on facebook.